What settings can I adjust on the r1?

Giving the device a gentle shake will take you to the settings menu. These are the settings that can be adjusted:

  • Brightness - press and hold the side button while adjusting the screen's brightness with the scroll wheel
  • Volume - access this menu to adjust the device's various volume settings
  • Bluetooth - connect bluetooth headphones
  • Network - connect to a Wi-Fi network
  • Security - update your passcode here
  • Power Off - select and confirm to power off the device 
    • if the device becomes unresponsive, press and hold the button for 60 seconds to shutdown the device.
  • Enable Terminal - this enables the touchscreen keyboard to allow for private interactions with your r1.  When enabled, rotating r1 (button facing down) will activate the keyboard.
  • About - r1OS version and other device details can be found here
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