What is rabbithole?

rabbithole is a secure cloud hub that serves as a record for all of your past interactions with your rabbit r1 and lets you search them again later. It logs questions asked, searches performed, images taken, and services used. You can quickly and easily delete any of those entries at any time. rabbithole is also where you can connect to third-party services for apps like rideshare, image or music generation, or food delivery.

This article provides information about the different things you do in rabbithole.

Dive down the rabbithole

Learn about what you can do in rabbithole with the tips below.

  • Search, download, and delete journal entries. Find and use your journal entries like magic camera, vision, notes, previous searches, and voice recordings.
  • Connect and remove third-party service. Link third-party apps like Spotify, DoorDash, Uber, Suno, and Midjourney to control them from your r1. Learn about the current supported apps and services.
  • Change personal account information. In rabbithole, click settings and then profile to change your contact info or password.
  • Unlink your r1 or mark it as lost. In rabbithole, click settings and then device to manage your device.

How to create a rabbithole account

When you first set up your rabbit r1, you will be prompted log in to your rabbithole account and scan a QR code to activate your r1. Visit our article with detailed instructions on how to create a rabbithole account for additional help.

How to fix log in issues with your rabbithole account

If you have any issues when trying to log in to your rabbithole account, refer to our dedicated article for troubleshooting rabbithole login problems.

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