When will I receive my r1?

Shipping estimates are subject to change based on our manufacturing capacity and component availability. An exact shipping date is not currently available beyond the expected shipping windows listed below. Please be assured that we will fulfill orders as quickly as possible in the order they were received. We'll keep this FAQ page updated with the latest shipping timeframes.

LATEST UPDATE (5/20/24):

Most of batch 1 pre-orders for US and Canada addresses have shipped, and the remaining batch 1 and batch 2 orders are heading out now! We’re expecting batch 2 to be shipped by the end of May, and batches 3-7 to roll out in order quickly thereafter throughout June. New orders will available soon after.


We did encounter some delays due to fulfillment issues, but batch 1 orders shipping to EU/UK addresses are set to resume shortly, and will ship quickly throughout the remainder of the month. We anticipate all other orders to begin shipping in the order they were received beginning in mid-June 2024. 


Shipping to Australia, Japan, and South Korea is planned to begin later in 2024, but we do not have a more definite estimate at this time.


You can visit the “track my order” for more details as your order progresses!


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