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A discreet companion, a secure OS, a fleet of respectful personal agents

r1 is designed to protect your privacy
r1 is the affordable hardware platform designed for the age of responsible and private AI. Our computer vision component, “eye,” is designed to be physically blocked when not in use. r1 does not have an “always listening” mode; it only hears you when you hold the physical push-to-talk button. rabbit OS also features a gyroscope-enabled privacy mode, where all modes of input and output are disabled when r1 is facing down.

rabbit OS is a secure custodian of your interactions
rabbit OS works with the best industry partners in natural language intelligence to understand your intentions. Together, we ensure that whatever you have shared with r1 stays with it. No one, including us, will be able to use personally identifiable information (your name, phone number, email address, etc.) for any purpose other than serving you. You can choose to have rabbit OS remember or forget things with our rabbithole web portal, and we are committed to never selling or sharing your data with any third party, under any circumstances without your formal, explicit permission.

LAM creates cooperative, respectful agents for you
LAM is pioneering a future in which "agents," autonomous algorithms that take actions, play a major role as efficient third-party intermediaries between users and service providers. We work hard to ensure that this benefits both parties.
  • When you interact with rabbit OS, you will be assigned a dedicated and isolated environment on our cloud for your own LAM. When our rabbits perform tasks for you, they will use your own accounts that you have securely granted us control over through our rabbithole web portal. We do not store your passwords for these services. rabbits will ask for permission and clarification during the execution of any tasks, especially those involving sensitive actions such as payments. They will provide predictable feedback on whether the task was successfully executed or failed, along with a reason, thanks to our neuro-symbolic research.
  • On the other hand, for service providers, rabbits are a safe and respectful representation of a legitimate user. We do not create fake accounts, or spam accounts, or engage in any abnormal access patterns or traffic to the target app. We do not attempt to reverse engineer any service or aim to replace existing API equivalents. We do not solve CAPTCHAs, and we do not seek to significantly alter the user base of the apps.
LAM creates a win-win situation for all parties involved: a delightful experience for the user, increased usage and traffic for the app and the service provider, and a symbiotic and composable rabbit OS.

We are flexible, transparent, and constantly improving
We recognize that personal AI is a nascent field and a lot needs to be figured out. We are constantly striving to provide you with the best experience possible while making sure that we are respecting your privacy. We will experiment with different approaches and make our attempts public. We want to invite you into our discourse on what we could do better, to make sure that we are on your side.
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