The evolution of technology has significantly changed the way we seek and consume information. From the days of encyclopedias stacking on our bookshelves to them turning into racks of CDs, finding answers to our questions has become increasingly easier.

Generative AI presents a unique opportunity to redefine the way we curate and discover knowledge. As we develop a personalized operating system that adapts to the world around it, we are constantly exploring ways to ground AI in accurate and up-to-date responses. On this journey, we are excited to work with Wolfram, a pioneer in delivering computational intelligence to consumers, businesses, and developers for more than three decades.

With the recent integration of Wolfram|Alpha on rabbit r1, our users now have access to Wolfram’s unique knowledge base and engine, Wolfram|Alpha. r1 users will now enjoy significantly increased accuracy in computational queries related to mathematics, science, technology, society, and culture.

This is the first time that Wolfram|Alpha has been integrated into an AI-native device. Together, we take another step forward in our shared mission of making the world’s knowledge accessible to mainstream consumers. Wolfram’s unique technology and rabbit’s platform allow us to explore how to deliver an AI assistant experience powered by complex, accurate computation and access to extensive curated knowledge and real-time data.

Try r1 for these scenarios and let us know how it went:

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About Wolfram|Alpha

Wolfram|Alpha is the unique computational knowledge engine powered by Wolfram technology that computes expert-level answers and provides knowledge using Wolfram’s breakthrough linguistic analysis, curated data, algorithms and AI technology. Its products are used worldwide by all major universities and R&D organizations, and have been key to countless inventions and discoveries, as well as the education of several generations of students. Its products, technology and expertise are also widely used in the corporate sector, powering major consumer and corporate systems. For more information about Wolfram, visit https://www.wolfram.com.